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Ambegaon is a small town in Ambegaon tehsil in Maharashtra’s Pune district. People belonging to different religions and cultures live in perfect harmony in the town. A number of Adivasi tribes also inhibit the area. It is said that Kulguru Shree Khanderaiya of Bhimashankar has showered blessing on this place. Read on to find out more about the place.


Geography of Ambegaon

Ambegaon tehsil is located at the foothills of the mountain range, Sahyadri. The Pune Nasik highway runs throw the region dividing it into two parts, north and south. The southern part receives heavy rainfall while the northern part receives scanty rainfall and thus remains dry. The place is surrounded by trees such as Oak, Teak and Sag and the dense forests located here are home for wild animals and multihued birds such as wolves, leopards, tigers, fox, deer, peacocks and parrots.

Distances from Main Cities

Here is a look at the distance of Ambegaon from the main cities in Maharashtra:

Ambegaon to Mumbai: 198 kms
Time Taken: 4 hours

Ambegaon to Thane: 166 kms
Time Taken: 4 hours

Ambegain to Pune: 96 kms
Time Taken
: 2 hours 30 minutes

Ambegaon to Nashik: 180 kms
Time Taken: 4 hours 10 minutes

Ambegaon to Nagpur: 735 kms
Time Taken: 13 hours

Economy of Ambegaon

The main occupation here is agriculture. Jawar and Bajra are grown in abundance in the northern part while rice is commonly grown in the southern region. Tomato, potato, grapes, banana and Mango are the most commonly grown fruits and vegetables in the area. Rivers Ghod and Dhimbe that run nearby provide water for the cultivation of crops.

The region also houses several dairy farms and thus this business is also carried out on a large scale here. Besides, the Ambegain Tehsil also encompasses quite a few oil refinenaries that contribute towards its economy.

Culture in Ambegaon

Just like other parts of Maharashtra, people from different religions reside here too. Festivals such as Diwali, Holi, Eid, Ganesh Chaturthi and Christmas are celebrated with great zeal by the locals. The place also enjoys an old tradition of celebrating the Janta Utsav. Large number of people gather around to rejoice this special occasion. Processions are carried out and wrestling matches are organized from time to time to bring people together and entertain them. Bullock cart races held here also pull a large crowd.

Tourism in Ambegaon

Kulswami Khanderaiya, Dhamni, Bhimashakar Temple, Narsingh Devalay, Loni and Bhargarvrao Valti are among the places of interest in Ambegaon however if you are looking for a more exciting outing than you better visit a place nearby. Here are some of the weekend getaways from Ambegaon.


Weekend Getaways From Ambegaon

Rajmachi is a picturesque village set on the foothills of Sahyadri in Maharashtra. The Shrivardhan, Manaranjan and Rajmachi forts located here are the major tourist attractions. It is also a great place for trekkers.
Distance from Ambegaon
: 130 km
Time Taken
: 3 hours 15 minutes

Not too far away from Ambegaon, Kamshet makes for another good option if you are planning a weekend outing from the town. One of the main paragliding spots in Maharashtra, it attracts several adventure seekers. The Vadivale lake, Raikar farm, Bhaja caves, Bedsa caves, Karla caves and Kondeshwar temple are among the places of interest here.
Distance from Ambegaon: 105 km
Time Taken: 2 hours 20 minutes

Undoubtedly, one of the best tourist spots in Maharashtra, Lonavala attracts several tourists from different parts of the country each year. A stay over the weekend at Lonavala can be thoroughly rejuvenating. There are several places to visit here including Lohagad Fort, Ryewood Park and Loin Point. Khandala located at almost the same distance is an equally great option.
Distance from Ambegaon: 115.5 kms
Time Taken: 2 hrs 30 minutes

Transportation System of Ambegaon

The public transport here is good. You can use it to travel within the region. The place is also well connected to other towns and cities in Maharashtra via road. However, there is no rail facility in Ambegaon. The Pune railway station is the nearest here.

Fact File of Ambegaon

Population: Approximately 1,86,809
Language: Marathi
Key Features
: Pune-Nasik National Highway 50
Forest area: Bhimashankar

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